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About Us



The tavern is housed in a renovated brownstone built in 1894 on New York’s famed ‘Restaurant Row’ in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen and the Theatre district.   



Originally, there were tenants living in three small apartments while the tavern housed only 7 tables nestled on the 1st floor. The cozy confines necessitated the turning of an hourglass.  

This efficient ritual quickly established our reputation for getting patrons to the theatre well fed and on time! These days we offer dining on all three floors. 


‘Bettibar’ is located on the 2nd level and home to many of our local following.   

The ‘Lounge on 3’ is perfect for an intimate occasion or available for private events. 

Indulge in our daily homemade bread, soups, ravioli and desserts.  
We welcome you to languish in our care, but don’t be surprised if the need for your table arises. Still 30 years later we proudly remain "the" Hourglass Tavern. 

Owned and run by Chris and Tina Sideris for nearly thirty years, the Hourglass Tavern earned a reputation for fresh, affordable fare and welcoming service. The care of these traditions has been passed on to the current owners of the Hourglass, Beth Sheinis & Josh Toth.

“We are both longtime denizens of the Theater District restaurant world and are thrilled to finally have a place that we can truly call our own. We bring to the Hourglass a passion for serving the close-knit Broadway and Hell’s Kitchen communities as well as the neighborhood’s many visitors from across the country and around the world.Our goal is to offer not only delicious, uncomplicated cuisine in a casual, homey atmosphere, but a place that others will also come to think of as home, or at least a home-away-from-home."

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